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1. Biomass feedstocks:

We have a broad and diverse portfolio of biomass, such as:

• crop residues, straw, plant scraps, … • lignocellulose, hemicellulose, lignin • logs, wood chips, wood pellets, sawdust, … • by-products: flows of starch, sugars, filter-press cakes … • vegetable oils, animal fats • energy maize • short rotation coppice poplar (proper production) • …

2. Biomass energy production:

We have years of experience in the field of biomass supplies for renewable energy production. We supply biogas plants, biomass combustion, co-firing plants, … Thanks to our knowledge, network and experience with biomass and biomass projects, we can also assist in developing biomass energy projects.

3. Green heat and electricity

When a biomass energy project is developed it is essential that the energy released is valorised in an intelligent way. This requires a surrounding analysis and an energy study. Capax has specialized partners in these matters. Regarding the supply and valorisation of the end products from biomass plants we are the ideal partner!

4. Biomass Industry:

Some examples of industries where we take care of the in- and output of biomass flows:

• Food industry: solutions for by-products • Renewable energy: supply of biogas, gasification, waste to energy, torrefaction • Industries: paper, particle board, … • Cleantech: water treatment, bioremediation, recycling, • Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry: second-generation energy crops, organic soil improvers, organic fertilizers, … • Biorefining: biofuels, biopolymers, ..

5. Construction by-products:

Out of the combustion of biomass, bottom and fly ashes remain as a by-product. Depending on the properties of the biomass, it is possible to valorise the ashes as a soil improver or a construction additive. Finding the right markets for these minerals is a very specific matter. In this filed we work together with our daughter company Minerec.

6. Soil improving by-products:

Some organic by-products may have applications as an organic fertilizer and / or soil conditioner. The valorisation as soil conditioner or fertilizer is highly dependent on the properties. In addition, we also need to have the necessary certificates. We do everything needed to ensure a sustainable marketing!

7. Logistics & Administration:

We take care of all your logistical needs and associated administration, be it for transportation by water, rail or road. Where possible, we try to keep the CO2 footprint as low as possible by setting up reverse logistics. We are always looking for the nearest BIOMASS feedstock source relative to the end customer.

8. By-products and marketing:

We offer solutions for all states of matter of biomass by-products. We always strive for the highest quality and most sustainable solutions. Where possible we provide a resource and or renewable energy solution.